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Tutto Può Succedere 2 (TV Serie)

Into The Beat "One Day"

Harper's Bazaar (Advertisement)

Mr Alboh - Your Face (Official Video)

Mr Alboh live at Kulturufer 2018 [full set]

Ostfriesisch für Anfänger (Movie)

Midnight Regulations (Movie)

Tutto Può Succedere 2 (TV Serie)


Alberto Mussi aka Mr Alboh is a contemporary troubadour, a singer-songwriter who has left everything behind to pursue one goal, give emotions to the audience. Over 600 shows in US and Europe, his live shows also thrive on strong storytelling. With his loop station, Mr Alboh delivers the energy of a whole band.

He’s busy in the movie industry too,  collecting  multiple TV appearances (RAI1, X Factor) and getting songs featured on Netflix, DMAX, Germany’s Next Topmodel, Google, NPO1, Biennale of Venice, Harper’s Bazaar and more. 


- 2015 he took part at X Factor Italy
- 2016 he wrote all the songs of the international movie “Ostfriesisch für Anfänger” with the popular actor “Dieter Hallervorden”.
- 2017 he played a cameo role and placed 4 songs into the TV Serie “Parenthood” (Tutto
Può Succedere on RAI1) with an average audience of 4 millions viewers per night

- 2018 music consultant for the TV Serie “Parenthood” and author of the song “Ti Aspetterò” for Matilda De Angelis 

- 2019 he won a competition and his video “Feeling Good” was exhibited at the Biennale of Venice 

- 2020 he wrote the song for the International commercial of Harper’s Bazaar 

- 2021 he co-wrote the song “One Day” for the movie “Into the Beat” which ranked 3rd most watched movie on Netflix 

 he performed an online show for Google

- 2022 the track “One Day” got used on "Germany's next Topmodel"

"Hold You" on the tv serie "Soep Sores en Soelaas" on Nederland 1

"Empire" on the trailer of the movie "Kickboxer:Retaliation"

"Heroic" made it on the Tv serie "Berlin Tag & Nacht"

"Heroes" was used for the TV show "Die Marine" on DMAX

hamburg film festival

Film Composition

Ostfriesisch für Anfänger
Director: Gregory Kirchhoff

Producer:  An der Gassen Film,C-Film,Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)

Category: Movie

Your Face 

All We Need Day | Movie Versions 

Move Away 

Sometimes | Movie Versions

Yellow Road | Movie Versions

All We Need Night 


Dreamlike Night 

Midnight Regulations
Director: Nils Keller

Producer:  Angelina Auer, Mary-Jo Trapa

Category: Movie
Tracks with Mathias Rehfeldt 

Midnight Regulations


Into The Beat

 Director: Stefan Westerwelle

Producer: Philipp Budweg

Category: Movie

Co-Lyricist of the track "One Day"

studio instruments

Television Composition

Tutto Può Succedere 2 

Director: Lucio Pellegrini, Alessandro Angelini

Producer: Rai Fiction, Cattleya

Category: TV Serie


The King

Your Face


For Love 

A Sua Immagine

Director: Marco Brigliadori e Gaia Valeria Rosa

Producer: Rai 1

Category: TV Show



Tutto Può Succedere 3 

Director: Lucio Pellegrini, Alessandro Angelini

Producer: Rai Fiction, Cattleya

Category: TV Serie


Ti Aspetterò

mr alboh at up studio

Commercial Composition

Product: Harper's Bazaar

Category: Adv.

Track: Istanti

Product: NDS Music

Category: Video Adv. 



Product: ACSE 

Category: Ringtone


All I Want

Product: Private Banking OM

Category: Conference Soundtrack 

Track: Sweet Times

Product: La Qualità della Vita

Category: Podcast Intro

Track: Quality Logo




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